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Real Estate in The Bronx


The Bronx is known for its exciting landmarks and cultural diversity. It sits across from Manhattan on the north side of the Harlem River. It is the proverbial home to rap and hip hop and over 75 languages are spoken on its streets.

Those who love the bright lights of New York but are looking to shy away from the high prices of Manhattan may consider Bronx as the perfect place to settle down. It has several great neighborhoods that offer the perfect blend of residential and big city living. Here’s what you should know if you are planning to settle down in the area.


The Bronx is home to several private and public educational institutions with nearly 280,000 residents over 3 years of age enrolled. The Academic Leadership Charter School, Icahn Charter School, Success Academy Charter School, South Bronx Classical Charter School III and Bronx Charter School of Excellence 2 are considered among the best.

There are also several specialty high schools including the Bronx High School of Science, the High School for Violin and Dance and the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice.

Fordham University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Monroe College and the College of Mount Saint Vincent are among the colleges and universities in the area.

Crime Rates

Bronx is known as being a rough area when it comes to crime, but there has been a vast improvement in the last few years due to an emphasis on revitalization and community development. Here are current statistics to consider:

  • The borough has a crime index of 19 meaning it is safer than 19% of U.S. cities
  • There are 8.57 violent crimes and 17.67 property crimes per 1000 residents

The safest neighborhoods in The Bronx are as follows:

  1. Bronx Park E/ Maran Pl.
  2. Stadium Ave. / Randolph Pl.
  3. Stillwell Ave. / E. Gun Hill Rd.
  4. Palisade Ave. / Douglas Ave.
  5. Cross Bronx Expy. / Randall Ave.
  6. Fish Ave. /Astor Ave.
  7. Riverdale
  8. Broadway/ W 261st
  9. Stadium Ave. / Waterbury Ave.
  10. Broadway / Mosholu Ave.

Home Prices

Home prices in the Bronx are reasonable considering residents have access to the city. Many have found it to be an affordable alternative to Manhattan.

There are a total of 503,839 homes and apartments in the city. The median home value is $505,886.

Here is a breakdown on the home prices:

  • 8% of homes under $63,000
  • 1% of homes ranging from $63,001 to 126,000
  • 9% of homes ranging from $126,001 to $251,000
  • 4% of homes ranging from $251,001 to $377,000
  • 1% of homes ranging from $377,001 to $502,000
  • 5% of homes ranging from $502,001 to $628,000
  • 1% of homes ranging from $628,001 to 942,000
  • 1% of homes ranging from $942,001 to 1,256,000
  • 2% of homes above 1,256,000

Home prices vary due to the size of the home and the neighborhood and condition the property is in. However, with revitalization projects taking place in the area, Bronx homeowners are sure to see a considerable ROI in the next few years. Here are the neighborhoods with the highest appreciation rates:

  1. Broadway/ Exterior St.
  2. Sedgwick Ave./ Perot St.
  3. Bailey Ave./ Albany Cres.
  4. Rikers Island Bridge/ 5th
  5. Tibbett Ave./ W 234th
  6. Kings Bridge
  7. Hillman Ave./ Van Cortlandt Park S.
  8. Riverdale Ave./ Greystone Ave.
  9. Spuyten Duyvil
  10. Johnson Ave./ 225th Pkwy E.


There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in the Bronx. Here are a few attractions worth checking out.

  • The Bronx Zoo: The Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States. Each area recreates the animals’ native habitats and uses natural elements instead of cages to separate them from visitors.
  • Yankee Stadium: Yankee Stadium was built in 1923 and renovated in 1976. The Yankees chose it as their home due to its large size. It’s a great place to watch sporting and entertainment events.
  • The New York Botanical Garden: This botanical garden is the largest in New York State. It’s a great place to take a break from the city and enjoy the wonders of nature.

The Bronx is also filled with terrific restaurants, shopping districts, bars and entertainment venues.

If you are thinking of moving to New York City or making a move within the city, the Bronx makes an ideal residential choice. It offers the perfect blend of interesting activities and community-oriented neighborhoods. Will you be considering it when you are looking for a new place to live?


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