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Why Brownsville is a Brooklyn Neighborhood to Watch

If you are looking for an exciting neighborhood to live in, Brooklyn can’t be beat. Once a more affordable alternative to Manhattan, it is now building its own scene. It’s known for its terrific neighborhood feel matched with its rich artistic community.

There are many sections of Brooklyn that are great for calling home and Brownsville is one that should be considered. It is located in the eastern section of Brooklyn, and it is bordered by Crown Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Cypress Hills, East New York, Canarsie and East Flatbush. It takes up a 1.163 square mile radius.

Here are some important facts that will help you determine if Brownsville is the right city for you to live in.


Brownsville has a high population density and offers 39 public and charter schools to ensure all students are served. P.S. 327, P.S. 165 and P.S. 392 are ranked among the best. It is also home to the Brownsville Academy high school which received a “Well Developed” score for 2008-2009.

Crime Rates

Brownsville is served by NYPD’s 73rd precinct. The area is known for its high crime rates and has ranked 69th safest out of 69 city precincts for per capita crime. However, crime rates are falling. They dropped from 45.0 to 35.3 serious crimes per 1000 residents between 2000 and 2011.

Home Prices

Brownsville’s high crime rate make it one of the more affordable places to live in Brooklyn. Of the 70 plus homes listed for sale on Zillow, most were priced under a million dollars with several well under that range.

The ones above $1 million dollars were multi-family homes that could easily be rented out. There were even a few multi-family homes under a million.

While Brownsville is a high crime area, all of New York is gentrifying quickly which means home prices are due to rise. If you get in on the ground floor and purchase a Brownsville home at a low price, it’s likely you will see the area improve in the next few years. This could make for a very worthwhile investment.


Brownsville is full of landmark sites that make it an exciting place to live. The Loews Pitkin was once an opulent movie theater. It was built in 1929 and has since gone through several owners and applications. It currently houses a charter school and offers 60,000 square feet of retail space.

The African Burial Ground Square commemorates a burial ground at the site that was discovered in 2010.  The Schnenck Playground which sits behind the New Lots branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was rethemed with African and cultural motifs as part of the designation.

The NYPD 65th precinct building was built in 1901. The precinct closed in the mid-1980s, but the building still stands with its jail cells intact.

Brownsville is an up-and-coming area to watch. Its low home prices make it an attractive way to get in on the ground floor of Brooklyn home ownership. Will you be considering this area when you decide to make your move? If so, contact Brownsville Real Estate Agent Michael D. Rehm at (646) 895-2945.