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Canarsie is one of the top neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn, NY.


Canarsie has a great residential vibe making it a terrific place to raise a family. Parents will be happy to know that there are several highly rated schools in the area including P.S. 272, P.S. 279 and P.S. 215.

Notable high schools include the Academy for Conservation and the Environment, High School for Medical Professionals and the Brooklyn Theatre Arts High School.

2018 statistics show the area has a high rate of college educated residents as opposed to the rest of the city.

Crime Rates

Canarsie is predominantly served by the NYPD’s 69th precinct although a small area is served by the 67th precinct. The 69th precinct ranks 24 out of 69 for per capita crime. Crime rates have been declining over the last few years and have fallen by 84.9% between 1990 and 2019.

Home Prices

Canarsie has more of a neighborhood feel than some of the other hotspots in Brooklyn. Therefore, home prices tend to be affordable. Of the 150 or so listed on Zillow, most were under the million-dollar range. Those that were over a million featured multiple bedrooms and could easily be shared or rented out.

There were also several affordable condos for $500,000 and under. Buying a condo is a great way to get in on the ground floor of Brooklyn home ownership.

And while Canarsie’s residential vibe may not make it the trendiest place to live in, there is likely to be a spillover in the next few years causing prices to rise, and for those with children, it can be the ideal neighborhood for raising a family. Making a purchase now is sure to pay off in the near future.


There are plenty of interesting things to do in Canarsie. Its two shopping centers are the Canarsie Plaza and the Brooklyn Terminal Market that sits adjacent to the Plaza.

The Canarsie Cemetery is rich in culture and the final resting place for Civil War and Spanish American War veterans.

The Canarsie Pier is a fishing spot and recreation area in Jamaica Bay. Canarsie Park offers a playground, skatepark, cricket field and nature trail.  Other parks in the area include the Birdsee Playground, the Curtis, Playground, the Sledge Playground and the 100% Playground.

And Canarsie’ deep Italian culture makes it a great place to enjoy a slice of authentic New York pizza.

Canarsie is the perfect area to live in for those who love the excitement of the city but still want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a residential neighborhood. It offers green areas, shopping centers, good schools, low crime rates and reasonable home prices.


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