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What You Need to Know About Living in Prospect Park, New York

Once upon a time, when we heard the words “New York City’, we would immediately think of the bright lights of Manhattan. Now Brooklyn is building a reputation as a prime destination in the metropolitan area. Once a less expensive alternative, it is now becoming the place to be when it comes to city living.

There are many terrific areas of Brooklyn that make for charming and exciting residential living and Prospect Park is chief among them. It consists of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park South and Windsor Terrace. Both Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Prospect Park South have been designated as historical districts while Windsor Terrace has its share of excitement and charm. Windsor Terrace sits to the west of the park, Prospect Park South is south of the park and Lefferts Gardens is due east.

Here’s some information that will let you know if these neighborhoods are ideal for your living situation.


There are plenty of terrific schools in the Prospect Park area. Lefferts Gardens is home to four public schools including an elementary school, two middle schools and the Lefferts Gardens Charter School elementary that focuses on environmental science and learning.

Windsor Terrace has several elementary schools that offer enrichment programs and boast high testing levels. It is also home to MS 442 (School for Innovation). The Brooklyn College Academy serves as an annex for high school students.

Crime Rates

Windsor Terrace is patrolled by the 72nd precinct of the NYPD. It ranked the 16th safest out of 69 patrol areas for per capita crime in 2010. Crime rates have been declining, going down 79.1% between 1990 and 2018.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is patrolled by the 71st precinct which ranked 46th safest of 69 patrol areas for per capita crime in 2010. Crime rates in the area have been decreasing with an 82.7% decrease between 1990 and 2018.

Home Prices

Home prices in New York can be high and the Prospect Park area is no exception. Average sized homes range above $1 million and larger homes are over $2 million. However, you can get in on the ground floor by purchasing a condo which is typically priced below the million-dollar range.

Although homes in Prospect Park tend to be expensive, they are a great investment. Prices are expected to continue increasing over the next few years ensuring homeowners will bring in significant returns.


The Prospect Park area is full of exciting things to do. The Park itself is a glorious place for watching nature, hiking and bicycle riding. It also houses two historic settings, the Picnic House and Boathouse, which make ideal venues for weddings and parties.

Windsor Terrace is home to the Kensington Stables and the Bartel Pritchard Square that commemorates residents that died during WW I. Prospect Park South and Lefferts Gardens offer their share of historic homes and buildings that add to the neighborhood’s appeal. There are also plenty of shops, venues, bars and restaurants that keep the area exciting.

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