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If you’re interested in moving to New York City or just looking to invest in some real estate, the market in Queens provides the most variety and bang for your buck. New York City is populated, rich with history, and still desirable for east coast urbanites. It draws a big crowd, most of which settles in one of the five boroughs. In fact, the median home price in NYC is currently more than three-quarters of a million dollars ($765K). The median price in Queens, one of the five boroughs, is $585K.


So, suffice it to say that you’ll need significant capital to get into the real estate market in Queens. If you’re still with me, we can talk about the ins and outs of what the market looks like today and what it’s like living in the boroughs.

Queens Real Estate


Queens is a slightly more affordable borough. But prepare yourself because average home prices still sit over the half-million mark. Still, Queens is a great place to live for anyone who is looking to be NYC-adjacent. The big perk of Queens is that there is a lot more variety and uniqueness in the neighborhoods.


The variety makes Queens a great place for families—commonly billed as one of the safest boroughs in NYC. You’re likely to find more single-family homes, rowhouses, and condos in Queens, while Manhattan basically has one type of real estate—luxury apartments.


If you’re looking for an urban area colored with diversity, then Queens is the borough for you. Manhattan attracts its fair share of wealthy doctors, lawyers, and socialites, while Queens is for families and those looking for the NYC experience with a lower price tag. In fact, the Chinatown in the Flushing neighborhood in Queens draws tourists and foodies from across the city. And Queens has its own hub of economic opportunity with jobs in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and transportation.


Plenty of people want to live here. In fact, across NYC, Queens was the first borough to officially recover from the pandemic in terms of its real estate market. This is a clear signal that city dwellers are looking for an alternative to the pricier neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Living in Queens


Queens is the perfect borough for city life with a side of safety. Queens is consistently rated the safest NYC borough and a great place to raise a family. There is access to quality schools, scoring in the top 20% of all New York public schools. There is access to transportation, including taxi, subway, bus, train, and rideshare options.

Most New Yorkers find cars to be more of a hassle than they are worth, often relying on public transportation. If that’s your style, you’ll have plenty of options. But if you are attached to your car, Queens makes owning a car a little easier than the rest of the city.

The diversity in Queens means that there is a wide range of neighborhoods and the experience of living in Queens can vary greatly from one neighborhood to another. The poorest neighborhoods in Queens struggle with access to food and jobs. More affluent neighborhoods have a wide variety of grocery and restaurant options. Many neighborhoods offer affordable dining, scenic river walks, and a collection of local businesses for shopping and entertainment.

The best Queens neighborhoods for families are:

  • Bayside
  • Bellerose
  • Forest Hills

The best Queens neighborhoods for balance between urban amenities and community are:

  • Astoria
  • Flushing
  • Sunnyside

The best Queens neighborhoods for the city experience are:

  • Long Island City
  • Ridgewood

If you love the idea of experiencing the true diversity that NYC has to offer, Queens offers the most realistic view of the entire spectrum. Rents in these neighborhoods range between $2,200 and $2,600 and home prices range between $429,000 and $899,000.

Final Thoughts on Queens Real Estate


Queens is a little less known among NYC boroughs, but it has a lot to offer. There are a wider range of housing options in Queens, Queens clearly has more diversity and a slightly more affordable take on the NYC experience. It is an excellent to live, work and play, and if you are interested in buying or selling real estate in this area, contact Queens Real Estate Broker Michael D. Rehm at (646) 895-2945 to find out more.



MICHAEL D. REHM – (646) 895-2945