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If you are looking for a city that offers a resort town vibe but is not too far from the excitement of Manhattan, look no further than Staten Island.

Staten Island is a coastal borough in New York City. As such, it has several historical regions that are near bodies of water. This makes it highly scenic and a great place to enjoy waterfront activities.

It is also a terrific destination for those just starting out in their career. There are plenty of opportunities for job growth in both white collar and blue-collar industries. There are also tons of venues and restaurants that make it an exciting destination for the gen Y and gen Z crowds.



Staten Island is primarily served by school district #31. There are 64,190 students enrolled in the district, 72 schools in the district and an average of 14 students per classroom.

School quality ratings are slightly higher than other New York and U.S. school districts. They come in at 54% for proficiency in reading and math.

The neighborhoods in the borough with the best schools are:

  1. Foster Rd./ Woodrow Rd.
  2. Princess Bay
  3. Amboy Rd./ Arden Ave.
  4. Charleston/ Pleasant Plains
  5. Woodrow/ Rossville
  6. Amboy Rd./ Page Ave.
  7. Wildwood Ln./ Sunset Ln.
  8. Tottenville
  9. Amboy Rd./ Tysens Ln.
  10. Saccheri Ct. Amboy Rd.

Crime Rate

Staten Island has a crime index of 42 meaning it is safer than 42% of U.S. cities. The violent crime rate is 3.7 per 1000 residents and the property crime rate is 10.95.

The safest neighborhoods in Staten Island are:

  1. Greenridge
  2. Duer Ave./ Mcclean Ave.
  3. Princess Bay
  4. Amboy Rd./ Page Ave
  5. Foster Rd./ Woodrow Rd.
  6. N Gannon Ave./ Collfield Ave.
  7. Greencroft Ln./ Hylan Blvd.
  8. Huguenot
  9. Charleston/ Pleasant Plains
  10. Great Kills

Home Prices


Staten Island home prices are high. They are among the most expensive in New York and in America. Median home value is $637,498. Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect to pay.

  • 2% of homes are under $62,000
  • .7% of homes range between $62,001 and 123,000
  • 2% of homes range between $123,001 and $247,000
  • 1% of homes range between $247,001 and 370,000
  • 19% of homes range between $370,001 and $493,000
  • 2% of homes range between $493,000 and $617,000
  • 3% of homes range between $617,001 and $925,000
  • 10% of homes range between $925,001 and 1,234,000
  • 6% of homes are above $1,234,000

While Staten Island’s home prices are high, they also make great investments. Costs are predicted to keep increasing in the coming years. Here are the neighborhoods that will yield the highest appreciation rates.

  1. Bay St./ Richmond Terrace
  2. Tompkins Cir./ Ward Ave.
  3. Verrazzano Bridge Plz./ Major Ave.
  4. Seaside Ln./ Father Capodanno Blvd.
  5. Tompkinsville
  6. Grymes Hill
  7. Saint George
  8. Stapleton
  9. Concord/ Fox Hills
  10. Castleton Ave./ Broadway


Staten Island has its share of local attractions. These include:

The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is often used by commuters looking to get to and from work, but it also makes a delightful recreational trip. Riders will see the Statue of Liberty, Governors Island and Ellis Island. You can also purchase food and drinks on board.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens is spread across an 83-acre campus. It includes 19th century Greek Revival buildings, the Staten Island Children’s Museum, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, the Staten Island Museum and the Botanical Garden. It also has some buildings that are said to be haunted including the Butcher’s Cottage, Matron’s House and former Surgeon’s House. Tours are available.

Fresh Kills Park

Nature lovers will not want to miss out on a trip to Fresh Kills Park. Once the world’s largest landfill, it is now being developed into a 2200-acre park. It will be opening in phases through 2036. Currently, Schmul Park (with playgrounds basketball and handball courts), Owl Hollow Fields (with soccer fields and lawns) and the New Springville Greenway bike path are open to the public.

Staten Island Zoo

Known affectionally as the “biggest little zoo” the facility showcases over 800 species in an 8 acres space. It is best known for its Serpentarium reptile collection as well as its weatherman, Chuck the groundhog, who is known for his accurate weather predictions.

Staten Island offers great schools, tons of attractions and low crime rates. While home prices are high, they are expected to make great investments as time goes by. Will you be considering this borough when looking for your next home?  If so, Call Staten Island Real Estate Agent Michael D. Rehm at (646) 895-2945.


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